Spraying some older kitchen cabinets

cabinet door





This is a set of kitchen cabinets that were sprayed at the shop. To get them from this:



To this:


We took the following steps:


Cleaned them well with some degreaser & soap

Sanded them with P600 grit paper

Scuffed them with a red scotch pad

applied 2 coats of RM diamont mixed 4:1:1:1 – BC00:BC250:BC850:UR50

Applied 1 coat of Glasurit 923-255 with a flattening additive


Since the paint is semi-transparent you will get slightly different results depending on what you spray over. In this case you are still able to see the original pattern which gives a really nice effect. Its a very cheap alternative to replacing your cabinets, this rang in around $100 in materials. No clear was applied to the underside of the cabinets, if you want the best quality possible you could clear the underside & even go 2 coats of clear instead of 1.


Here is what they look like once installed, like new:


Cabinets After Paint

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