BASF Solvent Paint Line Review


BASF paint has been around for years and adapted more often ahead of the competition.  After reviewing several other lines, BASF paint has made me want to stop the search immediately. From the color matching to technical support (which is very seldom needed) I have been very impressed with what BASF has given me.

From the first week of BASF paint, I found everything to just naturally fall into place, from the primers to the base to the support. Our BASF rep was out to keep things running smooth and make us aware of the products. The first thing I noticed was how easy to follow the technical data sheets were. They provided tech tips that brought things to our attention that may not have been known in other systems. The entire system had shown me that much thought had been put into making it a user-friendly system tailored to the repair technician.

At first, the wide selection of products seemed a bit overwhelming. In both the RM & Glasurit line, BASF offered a wide variety of sealers, primers, clear coats and ancillary products.  Once becoming familiar with the system it was clear to see the choices of products offered the technician and shop a choice. Having the ability to create a system for vehicles to offer a good, better & best repair helped our shop meet the needs of both customers and dealerships that may require a show car finish on one car and an economical repair on another. Either way, no matter which BASF products used you always know you’re putting forth a reliable repair.

BASF also makes available world-class training courses to the repair professionals. Having taken many myself I can vouch for the information obtained and how it has taken our shops quality to the next level. After taking these courses I was amazed at how much quicker I was able to perform a repair and at the same time increasing the quality of the job.

The BASF system is complemented by a superior mixing system with superb color matching abilities. In the case of an over pour the mixing system can recalculate the mix to help cut down on wasted paint. The color matching ability is definitely my favorite part of the system. To start off BASF has the best color matching I’ve ever seen, having a color deck produced by actually spraying the paint on the chip helps us even further to find the closest match possible.

BASF offers so many great products that enhance speed and quality. From the innovating UV curing primers to world-leading waterborne finishes I am confident BASF will always be there to meet any challenge the industry faces. For anyone considering a line switch, don’t make a move without giving them a try!

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