Paint mil thickness breakdown



This is meant to be a guideline, it will differ between OEM and refinish as-well as between manufacturers. The example of the left shows with the use of a primer sealer for better holdout while the one on the right shows without. (both are acceptable)



Etch / Pretreatment 0.25 mil   Etch / Pretreatment 0.25 mils
Primer Surfacer 2.0 mils   Primer Surface 2.0 mils
Primer Sealer 1.0 mil   Primer Sealer 0.0 mil
Basecoat 0.5 mil   Basecoat 0.5 mil
Clearcoat 2.0 mils   Clearcoat 2.0 mils
Total 5.75 mils   Total 4.75 mils




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