How DRP (direct repair) Works

Free storage for written off vehicles
Less money spent sending out an appraiser
Leverage to keep the shop on the direct repair program

So in a nutshell the bodyshop gets work while doing it for less and saving money for the insurance company. So, the question is how does this benefit the consumer? Well, it doesn’t really. Customers can typically expect a quicker repair time as the shop does not require approval from the insurance company, allowing them to start the repair sooner.

Since you are typically in a paid rental the concern is more quality then speed anyhow, so it\’s important to know how it breaks down. A drp shop is no more likely to provide better quality then a non-drp shop. The insurance company that has appointed them DRP does not make any visits to ensure the quality is to there standards, as the insurance companies typically don’t have any. So, as it is up to the shop it can vary from facility to facility.

Always remember it is your right to choose the shop of your choice and to do some research on where your bringing your car. While some DRP facilities are in existence because of higher customer satisfaction ratings, many others are simply there because they offer to fix cars cheaper. Do your homework people!!




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