Changing a Cars Color


It happens to us all, after looking at your car in the driveway for a while you can’t help but wonder what is would look like in another color. While a good prep job can make it look good no matter what, here’s a few things to consider.

Painting it black can be risky business. A black vehicle will show every ripple down the side, every piece of dirt in the paint and requires a lot of maintenance to keep looking like new. As far as the paint process goes you should have a lot of confidence in your shop when considering a black vehicle.

On the other side you have white, a much easier color to maintain. It does a good job of hiding small dents, ripples, scratches and whatever else. The only problem with white is it gets dirty and really stands out when you are behind schedule for washing.

A very happy medium is your silvers and light golds. They give you everything you’d find in a white but doesn’t stick out so much once dirty. It is extremely difficult to notice minor nibs in the clear should your shop miss one here and there. Generally speaking stay away from dark colors unless your willing to put forth the constant effort of maintaining, go with a silver if you want a low maintenance paint job. Either way you need a good shop to deliver a high quality job.

One last thing to consider is your jamb area (inside of the doors, underhood,etc). You should always have the interior match the exterior of you can severely devalue your vehicle, not to mention it looks tacky!

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