The word around my area has always been that Sherwin Williams automotive refinishing paint was an inferior line in comparison with other manufacturers such as Dupont, ppg & BASF. After evaluating the line a bit further I have got to say I think Sherwin Williams may just creep there way into the top spot after all.

Over the last few years Sherwin Williams has made significant advancements in there automotive refinishing paint line. New innovative products that offer superior speed and performance are giving this line the edge over the competition. With a clear coat that can be polished in 15 minutes of air drying, it leaves the refinish professionals wondering how this once thought underdog is producing technology others can\’t come close to beating. They also offer primers that dry in times once not possible.

Other great idea\’s from Sherwin Williams is there primer that is applied with a squeegee dispensed from a 2 part canister. Sherwin Williams has also recently launched a spray out color deck to give the refinishing technician yet another tool for a successful spray job.

Sherwin Williams prices themselves quite competitively and I believe this is a line to keep you eye on in the years ahead.

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