Chevrolet Malibu Quarter Panel Rust Repair – Part 2


The Refinish Process
Starting with clean, sandblasted metal we will start with a coat of epoxy. This will protect the metal. I used RM’s EP569 here.
malibu quarter epoxy
Next I let this flash for 20 min and mix up some 2k Urethane primer surfacer. I am using BASF’s Glasurit 285-10 / 285-20. It is a black and white primer you can mix together to get the shade you want.
Glasurit 285-10
Then it get applied, 2 coats on this:
Primer Quarter 2k urethane surfacer
After it dry’s it gets block sanded with some 320 and then finished in 600 grit paper. My blend area’s are done using a grey scothpad in conjunction with some RM 851. It gets dried off, taped up and after it’s done it will look like this:
ready to paint gm cheverolet malibu
To get rid of the sand scratches I’ll apply an orientation coat (BC100) over that area and it will look like this:
orientation coat
It gives it a bit of a sheen and fills in the minor scratches to make blending easier. Next comes a coat of base, here is what it looks like after the first, then after the third (last).
base first
Ok so now it’s ready for clear , I’ll mix up some glasurit 923-109:
Then I’ll apply 2 coats after tacking it. and here the shine comes:
after clear coat
And heres a few pictures of the final result:
final malibu
final malibu

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