Epoxy or Urethane Structual Adhesives?

Epoxy of Urethane Structual Adhesives

The choice that plagues are industry, speed or performance? Urethane products hold a great place in the industy and have brought us quicker repairs, leading to lower cycle time and increased customer satisfaction. When it comes to chosing a urethane structual adhesive over an epoxy you should always be asking yourself if it\’s worth it.



Quick drying

Fair Corrosion Resistance


Superior Adhesion

Superior Strength

Superior Corriosion Resistnace

Superior Compatibility (can apply any polyester filler/primer over it)

Can be heated to achieve cure times close to a urethane

Most are OEM Approved


This table pretty well sums up the comparison. When choosing the type of adhesive you want holding on your panels & holding your bumpers together, consider the quality an epoxy has to offer over a urethane adhesive.



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