inmporants of a tds

Importance of a TDS (technical data sheet)

technical data sheets contain all of the information necessary to ensure you are using your product correctly. It contains mixing instructions, drying times and more. Always consult your TDS before using any product. Here are some common terms found on your TDS:
(Before we get to the video, this stuff is very important to know!!)
Suitable Substrates – Identifies what type of surface(s) you can apply the product you’re using over.

Mixing Ratio – Shows which products need to be added in what proportions before the product is ready for use. (ex 4:1, 5:1:1, 2:1)

Pot Life – Identifies how long you have to apply your product once mixed. (sitting at room temperature usually)

Viscosity – gives you information on how to ensure your products viscosity is correct. If a product has been sitting to long, solvent can escape and your mixing ratio may need compensating. This tells you how long it should take for your product to drain through a specific viscosity cup. (Ex. 19-22 seconds #4 Ford Viscosity Cup)

Number of Coats
– Self explanatory

Flash Time – Refers to the waiting time in between each coat. This can also refer to waiting time before applying a different product depending on what your doing.

Gun Settings
– This section will identify which settings to use for the type of gun your using. It will recommend the correct tip size so your applying the proper amount of material to your panel. It will also recommend pressure settings for your type of gun to achieve a good atomization. This can vary from gun to gun, sometimes there are independent charts for specific guns. (example

Mil Thickness – This identifies the thickness of the product as applied (ex. 1 mil 1.8 mils)

Dry Times – This section will identify how long it will take to dry based on a fixed temperature. This can also include specific information such as dry to sand, dry to polish, dry to assemble..etc This will also include drying times based on forced conditions such as baking/infrared.

VOC – Identifies how much solvent is in the product by weight. The higher the number, the more solvent it contains. Higher VOC products are worse for the environment and your health.

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