How to Apply Body Filler

Body Filler Application
Mix the hardener into your filler as directed by the TDS of the product your using. Mix using your applicator in a sweeping motion to press any airpockets out the mixture (pinholes). Most fillers are around 2-3% hardener.
Always ensure your using a clean slick and a smooth mixing board. The board shown in the video looks a bit rough but it is in better condition then it may appear. Press your filler into the dent when applying. Always try to gradually build up your repair area with several small applications rather then one blob of filler. Apply your filler a bit beyond your repair area while trying to taper it down with your applicator.
Different Types of Fillers
Fiberglass Filler – is used for serious filling, it is a glass re-enforced polyester based body filler. This comes in short or long hair glass depending on the strength required for the application, long hair being the strongest.
Bodyfiller – is used for heavier dent repairs. Is a thick polyester based filler that can be used to repair large dents and damaged area\’s.
Finishing Putty – (or flowable putty) is used for minor dents repairs and as a finishing coat over top of bodyfiller. Finishing putty is also polyester based and is designed to sand nicer then regular bodyfiller.

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