• Swirl comes from your machine, pad and technique. While some polishes are better then others they are, for this discussion, irrelevant.

    Bite the bullet and get yourself a Cyclo. From your first use the swirl will be gone – just keep the pads perfectly flat on the panel. Medium soft pads for finishing with any swirl remover you like, but for…[Read more]

  • Chris replied to the topic Why are spray cans not encouraged? in the forum Gallery 2 years ago

    Yes, a knowledgeable, competent person can achieve reasonable results with a spray can.

    But, the people who use spray cans are generally neither knowledgeable, nor competent, while those who are will more than likely use a spray gun.

    The other thing is, as you would know, it depends how the spray can is charged and what kind of spray tip it…[Read more]

  • Chris replied to the topic I have a question in the forum Paint Products & Systems 2 years ago

    I’d start with a solid machine cut and buff. Polish and then touch up the chips and scratches.

    It won’t make it like new but it will make it look much better.

  • Chris replied to the topic fisheye problem in the forum Introductions 2 years, 2 months ago

    Common problem with dealership cars, new or used, they’ve been slimed all over.

    Wash well the repair area before you start then Prepsol until the cloth squeaks against the surface. Remember your Mum saying it has to be “squeaky clean”. Prepsol again after repair and then the cous de gras – a fine mist of clean water and wipe off well. Works. 😉

  • Yep. Behind the end wall would be ideal for that plenum. Then exhaust straight up and out. The less bends the better.

    That fan sounds like it might do the job. You can get the cfm rating from the manufacturer. The idea is to get a wall of air moving through the booth at the speed that you want. Here, the Australian Standard is 0.5m/s and that…[Read more]

  • If you go for something like mine, a couple of things:

    That plenum chamber is designed to go through the wall. As you can see from the picture there are windows above the panels at the end and those windows go down to floor level so I couldn’t put it through the wall but had to sit inside the booth. That creates some dead areas around that end…[Read more]

  • Explosion proof lights? :rofl Don’t be silly. 😛

    Actually the majority of the lights are separated by a diffusing lens, only the 4 single fluoros are exposed and they were just supposed to be temporary. I’ll change them…..one day.

    Jack, what you do sounds almost exactly like what I’m doing, except I’m using MS clears. Agree 100% on…[Read more]

  • I had a similar problem.

    The only place where I can exhaust out is halfway along one wall but I don’t have the space to make the booth wide enough to do that. So, I put the plenum chamber, which has fan mounted above it, at the end and then ran ducting up into the ceiling and back along the side to the point where it can go through the floor…[Read more]

  • Don’t know Colornet 2.0 but we used a program which was developed by DuPont Asia, called ANZ Colorquik Pro, so not the same as may have been used in North America or Europe. I understand, but can’t say for certain, that the new program is based on the old Standox one used in the States but modified somewhat so that it draws not just from the local…[Read more]

  • Chris replied to the topic Rock guard in the forum Paint and Refinish 2 years, 7 months ago

    Fly mask. If you don’t fold your edge too sharply you’ll get a softer edge than backmasking and it’s much easier to get the line straight. Don’t spray up under the tape and it will soften out just nice. How much tape you fold over can make adifference, too.

  • [quote=”janedoe” post=37016]I know that’s why they were saying the plastic bumper would look a little darker then the metal fender and that’s why I asked if it would solve that problem if you lighten the paint just slightly to match, it don’t hurt to ask like I said I don’t know the first thing about painting i’m here to ask questions and try to…[Read more]

  • So, when you paint a bar off the car, by turning it around it will be the same colour?

    Nah, static, sure, but you should have that under control. What makes a colour different on plastic to metal is the way that the two different substrates absorb heat. Despite being in the same booth, at the same time, they will be at different temperatures.…[Read more]

  • [quote=”geraci89″ post=36961] So what I’m understanding then is if I etch prime the bare metal, I can essentially get away with the dupliciolor base followed by the 2k clear if I let ample time for the base to completely flash off? 7-10 days or so?

    No. Etch prime first, then a sanding primer (as bondobob said). Apply your Duplicolor…[Read more]

  • Chris replied to the topic agitator in the forum Introductions 2 years, 7 months ago

    They would if you left the paint in the cup for a long time. Mix your paint, strain it in to the gun cup and you’ll be good to go. Even the 10 minutes or so between coats won’t cause any problem, just give the gun a bit of a swirl around before starting the next coat, just to be sure.

  • We’re required here to give a 3 month/5000km statutory warranty but I extend that to 12 months as a general policy. I won’t warrant paint adhesion on non-genuine (e.g. Ebay) plastic components, even though we use the proper Dupont procedure and primer. Fact is that I wouldn’t get a warranty claim every 3 years so it’s not a big deal for us. On…[Read more]

  • Chris replied to the topic dent puller. in the forum Equiptment / Tools 2 years, 8 months ago

    Pretty flash for a “toy”.

    Let us know how it goes.

  • Chris replied to the topic learning in the forum Introductions 2 years, 8 months ago

    Welcome, Heather. Lots of knowledge and experience here. 😉

  • Agree with Jayson – gentle heat. My booth is also unheated so I use heat lamps in the winter but have to be careful not to get them too close otherwise you bake and seal the top before the underneath has flashed, leading to solvent pop later.

  • Sometimes spending money can save you long term.

    Our labour rate is close to $100/hour so if the spectro is saving me only 15 minutes per job then that’s $75/day on our typical 3 per day. Add the cost of paint and cards used and it doesn’t take too long to add up and start to save you time and effort, and your boss money. Plus you’ll get better…[Read more]

  • I’ve not had colour chips with my system (Axalta Centari Mastertint) and really never missed them. Before I had the Spectro I’d look at the colour and choose a variant from the right model year then mix up a little. If it didn’t I’d look at the colour changes compared to what I needed and choose another that moved in the right direction i.e.…[Read more]

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