What psi for ppg envirobase hp?

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    Hey all. Recently moved to a ppg shop and spraying Envirobase hp. Using a Tekna ProLite convential spray gin with te10He cap at 26psi for coverage coats and 17psi for control coat as said on ppg’s spray gun manufacturers setup chart. https://buyat.ppg.com/refinishproductcatalog/ServeFile.ashx?FileId=ad580062-d34b-42b5-a70c-fea02d27ed5e

    But after reading the envirobase tech sheet, it says 40-50 psi for coverage and 25-30psi for control for conventional spray gun. http://ca.ppgrefinish.com/getmedia/D4F780C8-62BC-4F91-83E2-D1318F063792/08/eb-143_envirobase_hp_basecoat-7-13.pdf

    I havent noticed anything wrong with spraying at 26psi but any input and or advice would be great

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    Jayson Munro

    I use a prolite for sikkens autowave that is fairly similar to envirobase.What I use is a te20 air cap 23-26 psi for coverage coats,17-20psi for your drop/control/orientation coat/blending.I think a 1.3 is suggested for enviro.I would go to the devilbiss charts look at ppg section and go with their recommendations,the paint company has no idea what gun you are using. Check out my link then click on spray gun set up.


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    So i checked and devilbiss says 26 for coverage and 22 for control coats. That for prolite with te10/te20. Only difference is 22 rather than 17. I think i will give 26/22 a go

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    Always refer to the paint gun manufacturers recommended PSI. PPG waterborne is sprayed with a 1.2 or 1.3 fluid tip

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    Quickclean/Copper- 21-22 coverage, 17 control

    Pro lite- 26-27 coverage, 21 control

    this is a product and the guns that i happen to use everyday, these are the results I found the work best I’m using the compliant caps on each gun with 1.3tip

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