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    We have started using the above clear coat at our shop and i have also got a new devilbiss gti pro 1.3 and i think it has the t1 cap, and you can imagine a new gun and clear coat and as im not a main painter at our small shop i would appreciate any tips if any of you guys have used this clear ? Its a bit thicker than our other stuff we used but that was cheap crap hp body clear thats another story ! I put 10% thinner in and its not too bad just a little more texture than i like.
    I have gun set at around 1.7 bar and fluid out 2 turns and i get quite close and move quick.
    My boss sprays at a really low pressure around 1.1 bar and his fluid is about 1.3 turns out ! I cant spray like that too slow but he gets nice results still ? My work is good but just a bit more peel although the valspar sands really well and when polished looks a far better product and we have eliminated the pesky silicon holes we had here and there with the other clear !


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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