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    Hey guys i was wondering if anyone here has much experience with spies hecker solvent base coat . im about to start at a new shop using it after using glasuit 90 line for the past 7 yrs. how are the colors etc. thanks your insight would be appericated

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    From what I here, I think you will be happy. I know they have great primers and clear coats not sure how there colors are. Let us know what your first impressions are.

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    nick veitch

    i used spies solvent for years

    Loved it would still use it if i could

    What i found towards the end of my usage, that was almost ten years ago now was new colours were pretty poor matching, i put this down to zero resources put in to matching new colours, as spies’s trend has been water since the turn of the century, all the investment has gone into water, they are on their second generation of water with the hi-tec series.

    Solvent good product, good covering but the solvent brand is ancient technology now unfortunately.

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    There second gen. waterborne is amazing! I am suprised it hasent caught on more along with Standox Standoblue and Cromax. It really is in a class of its own, when used in proper hands. It’s got a big learning curve to become comfortable with it , but the time savings of the coat and a half coverage is worth it.

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    All three products are the same just different labels and expensive to use but decent product after the big learning curve and I’ve heard just like a lot of paint companies are doin is putting all the R&D in the water and not much with solvent unless it’s the low VOC solvent

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    Joe Gallagher

    Regardless of what paint line you use, I recommend taking a tinting class so when a color issue does arise, you don’t have to freak out. That seems to be the biggest complaint with painters…the color match. I’ve never sprayed anything other than Dupont products (Chroma, Standox/Spies, Nason) and I know Standox or Spies is the best choice within the line. Coverage and dry times are great with either.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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