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    Die back issues ? Or clear tightening up and looking hazy ! Just me or what not liking this 2pack unless Iam just too picky! Had the SIKKENS/AKZO PAINT REP out and got him to paint a black Porsche hood and it Happend to him as well !? Anyone else having issues looks at the clear after its baked really close !

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    Our we talking about Superior or Energy Pro. If it’s Energy Pro and you’re baking it or using it with an extended flash time it will die back on you.

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    I have a feeling either this isnt 250 Superior, or your airflow/temp isnt right. Personally I have never used the product, but everyone on here seems to love the Superior 250 2 pack. I have only heard great things. I’m sure Jayson M will chime in, I know he uses/love that clear.

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    Superior 250 2 pack

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    ryan brown

    Can you supply more info? What speed clear were you spraying? Flash between coats and before bake? What temp do you bake at? Are you spraying 1.5 coats or two? What gun and tip do you use?

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    Sunny W

    I spray the 2pack and haven’t had any issues with dieback.
    I spray full 2 coals(booth temp is 70-75), flash until the clear is tacky/stringy.
    5min purge before bake. I bake at 160.

    How is the flow in your booth?
    How heavy are your coats?
    Are you using accelerator?
    And what is your booth temp and bake temperatures?

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    Jayson Munro

    I have used the 2 pack for 2 years,the 3pack for 4 years before that.I haven’t had any issues with it,it sprays nice and looks great.Lots of good questions so far.

    Are you mixing the fast and slow together?
    Are you using accelerator?
    If yes what are your times and temps?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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