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    hey all haven’t been around in quite some time, going to a new shop Monday and they use Envirobase and the Shopline HS euroclearcoat, will be spraying it in a crossflow with no heat, and using my tekna 1.4 7E7 and sata 3000 1.3 for clear.. I have been used to spraying mostly Standox Standoblue and Dupont cromax for the past year or so, and some shit low voc solvent. Wondering if the envirobase is similar to Sikkens water, what to expect and tips for success and any problems I may run into, I have heard that you must seal most everything and that basing over primer can be a bitch for coverage… Also I sprayed some shopline clear, not the HS Euro clear tho, over that shit solvent and had lots of problems with it popping and dieing and I remember it was piss thin, wondering if anyone has any experience with the Shopline HS Euro any input would be appreciated.
    cheers :cheer:


    Jonathan Steele

    Hey seen your post thought i’d give my experience with that clear coat!!!! Its shit over solvent used it like to weeks ago layed awsome out of gun. But the next day wow dye back somethin hard, really thin too. But if you could cure the dye back issue its a really nice clear for the price going to try it over aquabase this week see how it works over a different type of cemicals hope it works better pol :clappy



    5LEater. Let us no how you like it compared to the other lines you have used. How did you make out with the standoblue? I have been spraying Standox water for a long time and really like it. Just seems like all I hear on line is how people think it’s garbage. I would like to hear some positive feedback on it for a change.


    john salvio

    I’m actually in a similar situation. I just started spraying aquabase (same as envirobase, different label), not full time, but am in the midst of converting from lesonal.I’ve done maybe 5 cars with it now…and cannot wait to put the system in and use it full time. The coverage is pretty great, the colors have been amazing. I haven’t had any issues covering sanded primer spots. If you have the right color sealer or base for the color you’re applying, you can definitely achieve full coverage with two coats like they say…its not bullshit. I’ve also been using the Euro clear and honestly, I never thought in a million years I would ever use a shopline product given it’s reputation, but the clear is awesome. For a non heated booth I would HIGHLY recommend getting the JC6800 over the JC6700. The 6700 just stays open way too long without heat. I’m talking it stays wet for like 15 minutes in 80 degree weather, where the jc6800 is tacked off in just under 10 minutes. If you have a day where it’s really hot..and up to 90 degrees or so in the booth..they make a High Temp hardener for the jc6800 which slows it down. I made the mistake of spraying jc6800 when it was really hot without the high temp hardener and the left fender was tacked off by the time I got to the right fender, so def keep the high temp hardener around.
    All I can say is…be patient, the products are great. Once you get familiar with the envirobase and those euro clears I think you will get great results. I’m about to post some pictures of a black hood I did today with the jc6800, so you can be the judge. The product is def not piss water like the other shopline clears people are familiar with. It sprays like a super high end product.

    p.s. I cannot say anything about the longevity of how these new shopline clears will last…and quite frankly I don’t think anyone can…they just haven’t been around long enough, but I have not had any immediate die back issues..I just saw a car I finished 3 weeks ago…and it looks exactly like the day I finished it. I know obviously 3 weeks isnt shit in the real world, but the older clears would die back that quick! It’s a friend of mine and I told him I was in the middle of trialing new products and to keep an eye on it for me and let me know how it holds up.



    Well so far Im liking the envirobase a lot other than the speed in a crossflow. Blends very nice, metallic lay down great, excellent color match so far. I found cromax and stando to be much quicker, t the amount of time I spend basing in comparison with the enviro is 3-4x more +.



    I’ve been using Aquabase for over 5 years now, no complaints what so ever. No need to seal everything, tint the primer to the correct shade, finish with 600 grit and base right over it, i only seal new parts, Color match is great, blends nice, sealer lays down smooth (white is a little transparant) and very sticky. Primers are awesome, very fast and sands easily with 400 grit. Great all around system that can make you money



    Jimi Beaudet

    been painting for quite some time,been using Envirobase now for over 3 years,let me say I have never been satisfied with it,first off there isnt a clear they make that is compliant (i live in MD,VOC Compliant State) That is even satisfactory..It might be ok for the used car department at some dealerships but either they wont buff easy,they die tremendously,they are so very way overpriced but I just think its unacceptable but they continue to tell us a newly formulated clear is right around the corner!!! As for the base,well the color match is very good,The blues are very very transparent and seems they spit crap out of the mix and make the job dirty looking,recently now it seems that the newer later model reds are also becoming more and more transparent..and the stuff doesnt dry very quickly,alot of time I have to turn heat up in booth to burn off the humidity to get the stuff to dry…I have no sucess whatsoever when I attempt to bake these products,they dieback so bad they HAVE to be buffed all the while I am spending upwards of $350 for a freaking gallon of clear!!!!!
    When I do all overs I order dbc and 2021 over the web and when I shoot the car I am amazed at how the car actually shines…I am in search of a new product line at this time…very very unhappy..not to mention I can guarantee that when I shoot the base if it is a light color some darker colored tint will spit through the PPS cup and waste the job and I need to go strain and double strain the stuff..We have our own shop and this money comes outta my pocket and our profits I am no longer patient with the PPG Envirobase…


    Jayson Munro

    What size filters are you using in the rps cups 190 or 125 micron?


    john salvio

    I had the chunk problem, the first few times. Once I switched to the 125 micron strainer I haven’t seen a chunk yet. Once I’m fully setup I’ll use the pps made for waterborne most likely though.

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