Plain silver metalflake in gelcoat colorshifting?!?

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    I need to reproduce the paintjob of an old Ducati, which looked pretty basic at first glance. Just plain silver metalflake .008″ full coverage.

    Untill i saw the gastank in the sun. It looked like they mixed a (very) small amount of holographic/color shifting flake through the plain metalflake.
    I took a magnifying glass to determine what kind of flake they exactly used but there is nothing special to see. It’s just plain silver.
    I know the look of holographic flakes but this ain’t it.

    The gastank is made out of fiberglass and gelcoat. The flakes are mixed into the gelcoat (i guess).
    Could the gelcoat be responsible for the prism effect? If so there is no way i can reproduce this paintjob with just flakes and clearcoat.

    Here a Youtube video of the effect: https://youtu.be/UAyCgiApXmQ

    Anyone seen this before?


    Kevin Campbell

    Kinda difficult to see in the short vid, but have you considered it’s standard flake with either an extra coat of rainbow flake sprayed after the final silver flake or the rainbow mixed in with the silver flake?



    There is nothing else mixed in. I found out how to do it: throw on an exceptional amount of flake (with a flake buster), and i mean really exceptional, and voila, prism effect.
    It looks incredible cool in the sun. Much better than “true” rainbow flakes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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