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    Rahul Jones

    Hi guys,

    I am new to this forum and here is my issue. My car is a 1996 Alfa Romeo 155 which is Rosso red in color at least thats what it is supposed to be. But my car had a cheap complete car paint job at some point of its life before I got the car. I am calling it cheap because of the uneven spray pattern and what looks like high humid condition during the paint job.

    I tried polishing my car twice but the paint soon gets oxidized. I do live in a very hot region that could be one reason but I waxed it immediately after the polishing but it tends to fade right after the first wash.

    During the polishing process I used Meguairs Ultimate Polishing compound and Meguairs Ultimate Paste Wax in the end. This process was done with a foam pad the first time and with a wool pad the second time. I used a drill attachment to buff the car with an RPM of less than 850.

    I don’t think I can anymore buff the car as I see small dot of primer here and there. Was there anything wrong with my procedures? Or was the clear coat of bad quality? If so, respray could be the option?

    NOTE: I will post pics tomorrow morning as I can get the pic to prove my point.

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