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    Based on the strategic development and production wants, and shares configured with an suitable equipment and facilities inside the North and continually upgrading equipment and facilities sources has continued to improve. Set mechanical processing, vehicle Assembly, welding, hydraulic cylinder manufacturing, motor-driven wheel Assembly, painting, repairing and remanufacturing Center, assembling eight production workshops of your cylinder and the raw supplies warehouse and finished product warehouses, logistics centers and also other ancillary facilities. [b][url=http://www.huiliancheng.com/–square-steel-pipe-136.html]300 300 square steel pipe[/url][/b] major production equipment in the United states of america and also the Uk, and Germany, and Austria and also other countries to introduce, with vertical machining centers, coordinate measuring machines, rolling machines, horizontal machining centers, horizontal scraping surface structure automatic production line of a dozen sets of international and domestic advanced production gear and facilities, of which three-coordinate testing gear belongs for the best, the company’s all round production facility is within the domestic leading level.

    Business relies on sector leading of production manufacturing capacity, insisted higher, and internationalization, in introduction world advanced technology of primarily based Shang, enhanced technology transplant, and development, and innovation of efforts, to huge tonnage, and complete series to market, build up 28~326 tons full series of items platform, [b][url=http://www.huiliancheng.com/ppgi-prepainted-galvanized-steel-coil-149.html]Ppgi prepainted galvanized steel coil[/url][/b] became international only can in identical short article line Shang production complete series mechanical drive and electric drive mine with car or truck of production manufacturing base.

    At the moment, Northern shares currently owned shares covering an area of nearly 1000 acres of the North industrial park, Science Park, construction machinery and mining trucks industrial park, 3 industrial parks, with the annual output of thousands of harvesters, Sendai digging machine production capacity. Relying on effective technological innovation positive aspects, continue to develop a series of merchandise that meet the market place demand for high-tech [b][url=http://www.huiliancheng.com/schedule–black-steel-pipe-138.html]Schedule 40 black steel pipe[/url][/b], has effectively created a world-class degree of NTE series motor wheel car or truck applied in mine.

    Always adhere to stronger car market, a top car or truck business, wealthy, accomplishments, Albert harvesters harvesters market improvement method and major business qualified, diversified sales model of development, is committed to offering prospects with reliable quality, stable, cost-effective advantages of boutique auto, enable shoppers maximize benefits; Usually abide by its mines, tree brands, make mates, create a advertising and marketing concept and understanding wife and loving mother of permanent value-for-money solutions, assistance solutions, is committed to building a complete life-cycle of product high-quality assurance service technique, item worth in the fullest of their potential and the customer to make use of the whole method hassle-free.

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