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    A project has come into the shop. A gm truck that appears to have been painted 3 times at the factory. Its all cracked up so its an overall strip and paint. 14 mils! There are no tape lines. No paint breaks on bolt heads. No dirt. Nothing to indicate that its been resprayed. Anyone have any idea why the factory would repaint a vehicle 3 times?



    I have seen that before. When I was at a gm dealer we also did the work for the local Suzuki dealer. Saw a new Suzuki peeling because it had been painted 2 times. We didn’t fix it, they must have got another car.

    I have worked on cars that looked like they had a few layers of paint without being sanded between.



    ive seen the same thing on fords an mazdas from the 90s had a lincon in here that i bet had 5 or 6 layers of factory 3 stage color on it sanding it was almost like sanding bodyfiller it was so thick…..other than that the paint on the car looked good



    We have a 2014 Dodge Ram longhorn in the shop that has been sprayed twice, it’s a factory finish with an unbelievable amount of trash in it , the worst I’ve ever seen, but try telling the insurance appraisers that lol



    We had one of those last year. Not sure how many times it was sprayed but it had been 2 toned, nibbed and buffed. Customer complained of white spots (compound splatter) all over it. when we polished all the spots off and it looked good. 2 hours later the spots came back! After 2 days of polish and wait we got rid of it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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