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    James Penny

    As I said in my introdution post, I’m an airbrush artist who has been getting asked more and more if I can do automotive/motorcycle work.

    Mostly I need advice as to the regulations and legalities of this kind of work.

    I’m not a trained autobody technician, and am not certified as such. But I always tell people I can’t do body work because I don’t have those skills and any work like that would have to be outsourced. I mean I fill dings in guitars and masks all of the time, but that’s a far sight away from straightening metal and doign filler work.

    So am I allowed to base and clear areas/panels without breaking any laws? I’m technically not doing any repairs, or am I wrong in this assumption. I just don’t want to be doing anything wrong.

    On a side note, I do use automotive products all of the time in my fine artwork, I spray a ton of candy (usually HOK) over ground aluminum panels, and am comfortable spraying my own clear and polishing the finish.

    Cheers, and thanks for any help.



    James Penny

    Just a little bump. Still hoping for some advice if possible.


    Ben Hart

    I am involved with the Apprenticeship Board here in Alberta. Here, you are required to be a Journeyman Automotive Refinisher (or a registered, supervised apprentice) to prep or paint cars. Every province has slightly different regulations, so your best bet is to get ahold of the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency: http://nsapprenticeship.ca
    And it may be a good idea to talk to someone from your city in regards to what your business licence might cover.

    Here, Alberta Apprenticeship And Industry Training, tends to work well with people that fall into this sort of “grey” area. They might be ok with what you do, provided it is only for custom work, and safety/environmental concerns are addressed.

    Good Luck


    James Penny

    WOW thanks that was a very helpful link. My trade isn’t certified like that so I never even thought to look for a provincial apprenticeship site like that (my day job trade is as an electronics technologist)

    It appeares that here in NS there are two related trades, automotive painter, and motor vehicle body repairman. Automotive painter can prep and paint vehicals, but not repair body damage or any associated assemblies (wiring or suspension etc), and it’s not a compulsory trade for certification or training as opposed to a body repairman, so I may fit into that niche as I would never attempt any repair work anyway, just the artsy fartsy stuff.

    So I guess I’m probably okay to paint fire and half naked chicks on peoples stuff, but just to be sure I’m going to contact them anyways 🙂

    Thanks again, I greatly appreciate the input, and it was a big help.

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