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    matthew mcintyre

    hey, ive not been on for a while, happy new year everyone 🙂
    i have a quick question or 2.

    im moving to a new shop in a week or so and they are having cromax pro installed. now i have used octoral eco water based before and found it great but i have been doing a bit of reading on cromax and im starting to get a bit worried.

    they were getting octoral but the supplyer has talked them in to this now.

    i have been reading up on it, not that there is much about on cromax from the real world.
    all ive been reading is pritty bad things like colour match is really bad and basically if you have to re coat your buggered as it will fall back.
    ohh and the humidaty thing aswell, which should make it fun in the north of england lol.
    now the colour thing might not be so bad as there getting the aquire efx spectro, which i also have a question about in a min.

    lets say you do your 1 and half coats and let it flash, then eather its not covered or you need to nib out some dirt. does this mean im going to have to polish the hell out of the panel to get a shine back?

    is there anything else i should know about good or bad and any tips that i need to know?

    now with the spectro i have never used on before but i have heard some of them along with the computer program will select the right shade but then alter the mix to get it closer to the right colour. so effectivly select ie ford moondust y:/ and then add or remove tinters to get it a bit close still.

    is this right??

    as you can see im slightly worried about using this stuff any advice would be great

    thank you for your time guys


    Dennis Lambert

    Hey,happy new year to you also. I was waiting for someone who is more qualified to answer this post and maybe they will but I’ll give it a try. I haven’t been spraying cromax pro too long but I’m doing alright with it. First of all in my opinion the color matches aren’t bad especially with the camera. When a code scan doesn’t provide a low target value I can usually scan the database and come up with a blendable match. The more translucent colors don’t do well because the camera is reading through the color into the substrate. On the flip side these colors usually blend well by being translucent. It is very important to make spray out cards and file them for future use. That will save a lot of time and effort in the long run. I have noticed with recoating you can loose a little shine sometimes but not always and for me it hasn’t been a big problem. I just make sure to let the base dry a little longer. As far as humidity I have found that lower is actually harder because of trying to keep the panels wet but they have a low humidity controller (wb2045) that helps out. When drying the base you need a lot of air flow. We have the ceiling fans and we also bump up the temp to 100 degrees for a little while and then let the panels cool before clearing. I’m still learning every day but I do like this system especially for production. Good luck. Hope this helps. ☺


    matthew mcintyre

    Brilliant pal thank you very much. That has put my mind at rest abit.
    Since posting I have learned that cromax pro is the same as permahyd and stando-blue.
    And there’s loads of vids on YouTube and write ups on these other 2 products, which have been a huge help aswell.



    How ya making out with the Cromax?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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