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    Malcolm Wilson

    What do you guys do with booth floor? Leave it smooth concrete, epoxy seal, paint?


    ryan brown


    This is what I use. I don’t think there is anything else I would use. Sticks very good, very durable, easy to replace and holds dirt down well.


    john salvio

    My downdraft booth is brand new. Right now I’m using it with a polished concrete surface. Once the new polished concrete starts to look aged I will use Benjamin Moore super spec 100% solids epoxy. You can youtube it, extremely high build and dries looking like glass. Easy to mop and clean etc. Its self leveling and actually gets applied with a squeegee. Extremely durable. You can use the mat like ryan shows, however, if its a full downdraft booth I don’t much use for a dirt trap on the floor. (I could be wrong though). I do my booth walls with that 3m dust trap and I did notice a difference before and after applying it. You can even tile the booth floor, I’ve seen guys get very creative with the inside of their booths.
    Good Luck, if youre looking for an epoxy, check out the one I mentioned.



    Not really creative – just concrete paint, but the better quality stuff. Usually re-do it once a year, by which time it’s become a bit rough in the middle with overspray. Once done I can then hose out and squeegee the floor which I usually do once or twice a week with a vacuum each day.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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