Devilbiss DV1 Base / DV1 Clear – Spray Gun Review

Devilbiss DV1 Clear Gun
The Devilbiss DV1 Clear Gun design features an attractive black, durable finish.

The DV1 Paint Guns are the newest series of paint guns from Devilbiss that are designed to fit into the market place above the previous generation of spray guns in the Tekna series. Devilbiss has continued its recent trend of branding each of these guns as Base or Clear gun, to give the user a clear understanding of what the gun has been designed for. This has been a great move by Devilbiss as many paint gun manufacturers tend to focus on marketing the technology of the gun, which could be HVLP, HTE, RP, LVLP, Compliant, etc. While this could be beneficial for users that want a deeper understanding of their spray gun, it tends to confuse less experienced users and it makes it much easier to put the wrong paint gun in their hand which I have personally observed at several shops over the years.


Devilbiss DV1 Base with a 3M PPS cup system.


The DV1 spray guns will still be best compared to the Tekna spray guns as they share many familiar features that make this gun feel like a Devilbiss product. The notable improvements are easy to spot out in the build quality. The construction of the gun is very good, they have removed the baffle design behind the air cap and the DV1 is now on par with other metal-fit guns, meaning there are fewer parts to remove, clean, or potentially break. The air control has been integrated around the air fitting at the bottom of the gun. This is a very clever change by Devilbiss that looks slick and works very well. The digital gauge is one of the most eye-catching changes as they have moved the gauge to the body of the gun, right in the line of sight. I was initially concerned about the placement and how it may interfere with visibility during the application, but it did not prove to be a problem. The DV1 digital gauge is incredibly durable and can be placed into a gun washer without any concern. This is a vast improvement on the Tekna, in-line digital gauge that was not very durable and could become hard to read over time. The removal of the Aircap has been simplified to come off in less than a full turn.

The DV1 Base gun used on a complete red Porche.


During my evaluation, the DV1 Base gun was used primarily for basecoat application or the application sealer, and the DV1 Clear was used strictly for clearcoat. These guns, like many others, could be used to deliver a wide range of products. I have observed some technicians using the DV1 Base for clearcoat application and obtaining great results.


Tekna DV1 Base

A metallic blend with the Tekna DV1 Base


The DV1 delivered sealer without a problem, it laid down smooth with minimal fallout on the edges. More importantly, it handled the basecoat very well. The DV1 Base gun delivers the metallics effortlessly, and what is most impressive is how little you need to worry about blotchy metallics. The DV1 continues the Devilbiss familiar spray pattern and delivery system, so new users will be able to adapt quickly, while experienced Devilbiss users will feel right at home. The ergonomics of the gun are also similar to a Tekna, it feels very similar to hold.


The black finish on the DV1 Clear looks beautiful, Develibiss really moved the needle on their aesthetics. The material flow seemed to be better and it was obtainable at a lower pressure (22psi) which contributed to some very clean paint jobs during the evaluation. The DV1 Clear delivered product at a very good rate and with very even coverage. The main difference between the two guns in the air cap. The DV1 Clear uses the C1 Plus Clearcoat Air Cap, which is best suited for the atomization requirements of clearcoat.

Devilbiss DV1 Clear

Clearcoat being applied with the DV1 Clear

The fluid tip removal has changed to a 22 MM wrench, which is quite a bit larger than the Tekna. This gives you a bit more leverage and reduces the chances of stripping the fluid tip with a universal, which has been done many times. The body of the DV1 guns is quite durable and easy to clean. The only issue I’ve encountered is on the air cap, the black coating has been scratched from months of abuse and the metal below is visible which makes the gun look worn.

The Devilbiss DV1 series of paint guns have been very well received by the painting community and it is rare that I receive bad feedback on these guns. The most common advantage I hear is how much easier it is to deliver a blotch-free metallic paint job compared to the previous generation of spray guns. These guns will cost you more to obtain, but Devilbiss continues to add more value by making it affordable to buy these guns with multiple tip sizes. Devilbiss has done a great job with the DV1 and is sure to be a favorite for many professionals for years to come.


Devilbiss DV1








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