3M Accuspray Gun

The 3M accuspray which was originally released as a primer gun with a 1.8 disposable tip will be finding new use as the gun that will do it all.
3M will soon be releasing 1.4 and 1.3 tips for this gun to be used to spray sealers, paint and clear coat. At the time
of this writing the 3M accuspray is only available with priming tips but as a test shop I was able to give the new tips
a great deal of evaluating and here is what I found.

The accuspray handles paint exceptionally well. As a basecoat gun I was able to spray several high metallic jobs where
blending was made effortless. I sprayed both waterborne and solvent basecoats and the result was consistent, no major mottling
issues, even spray patterns and great atomization… what else could you ask for?

Spraying sealer with the 3M Accuspray gave pretty good results to, it laid it down great with the 1.4. I used it for plastic
primer (adhesion promotor) with no issues as well.

When it came to the clearcoat it delivered satisfactory results, it certainly got the job done but didn’t put it down
as easily as my sata rp. For a hobbiest or anybody starting out in the trade this is an exceptional value. The gun can get
pretty well anything done and since the tips are disposable you can assign a different tip for each job so you are
basically using a different gun each time.

If you are looking to get set up with the 3M Accuspray, you would require a few things to start spraying:

3M Accuspray Spraygun (usually includes regulator but check)
Disposable Tips (kits usually have one or two and they last anywhere from 10-20 jobs)
Paint Preparation System – this is the disposable mixing system, you can use 3M PPS or norton/gerson if you prefer.

I personally love this gun and I use it for most jobs however on larger paint jobs I prefer using my Sata RP, but being
an $800 gun I’d hope it to lay the clear down easier. If your looking for a good gun to do it all on a budget, 3M Accuspray is the answer.


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