How to Remove a Run Using Polyester Putty

How to Remove a Run

Removing a run with polyester putty
It happens to the best of us, but it happens to the worst of us a little bit more. A dreadful run or sag can cause a great deal of frustration, especially for a perfectionist. I am going to show you how you can eliminate the toughest run and help keep the surrounding area in tact to.

The Run
if you\’ve ever removed one like this you\’ll know they are quite difficulty to completely eliminate. The picture doesn’t really show it that well, you’ll get a better idea once the putty is applied, Here it is:
Remove a clear coat run
paint run
Applying Putty
The theory is that blocking down the putty brings everything down level. Your block wont teeter and you can’t really angle it either which reduces the chance of breaking through around the run. Just mix up your favorite polyester putty and apply it like so:
Removing a Paint Run
As a precaution you can add a bit of tape around it to help prevent scratches outside the putty:
Removing a run with putty
You are going to want to start with a coarser paper and gradually up-grit until you finish in about a 1500 or finer. Here we used 400 to start on a hard block (must use a block!). You can start to see how the run is gradually being removed with the putty:
Run with Putty
Once the putty is almost removed you should be sanding in about a 1000 grit paper. Here is how we progress:
Sanding Paint Run
Paint run almost removed
Once you have removed all of the putty you should switch to a 1500 grit and give it a good blocking, you should have something looking like this once completed:
Paint Run Removed
Next all you need to do is grab your favorite polishing system and shine it back up like any other polishing job. If everything went well you should have absolutely no ghosting of the run and it should be gone. Here is how we finished:
Paint Run Polished
Removing a Run with Polyester Putty