How to Apply Sealer (Automotive Primer)

Eastwood Concours LT100 Sealer


This is an optional step. Sometimes called a non-sanding primer, the sealer will provide addition holdout over the repair area. It is applied “wet-on-wet”, which just means their is no sanding in between. The sealer must be applied using the settings outlined in the TDS of the product you are using. It will also be allowed to flash for however long your TDS specify\’s before moving to the next step.

Different Kinds of Sealers: (urethane or epoxy)

Urethane sealers are designed primarily for speed & do enhance the quality, however the best choice is an epoxy sealer. Epoxy will provide the best holdout,the downside with the epoxy is that it does take longer to flash compared to the urethane. Some primer surfacers can be mixed differently and applied as a sealer.