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  • Neat

    Anyone know why I can't post or reply to topics?

    jimmo Try again now.
    10 hours 38 minutes ago
    3 days ago

    Hi, having some issues with spies hecker 480 hi-tech water just starting using it a few months ago over all think it's pretty good.... Well besides some color issues, and the fact I can't blend silver to save my life haha. I've tried using the techniques that my rep has suggested with the 4:1 with 1080 and the three affect coats, but result is the same a dark or light edge at the end of my blend.

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    2 weeks ago

    I currently use glasurat 90 line and I am thinking about switching to aquabase any advice

    jimmo I'm sure you can be productive with either if you know the product line well. What are your expecting aquabase to provide that 90 line does't? I'd post questions like this in the forum for more replies.
    1 week ago
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