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Jayson M: he really puts on his drop coat wet,it helped me out
toyotapainter: if u see him tell him cordell says hi
Jayson M: probably cuz hes here all the timeLOL
Jayson M: I will ,he sure is a knowledgeable guy
toyotapainter: john from van really know his stuff too
toyotapainter: vancouver
Jayson M: he sure does,I think he retired
Jayson M: he worked for chase for a couple of years after they closed the training center then retired
toyotapainter: o really ya maybe i herd he went to the chase store there
Jayson M: Graham is really smart too
toyotapainter: not sure if i know him
Jayson M: he also taught at the training center
toyotapainter: i have never bin
toyotapainter: been
Jayson M: I only went once
toyotapainter: boss has never sent us
Jayson M: no kidding,did they come in and work with you when you switched to water?
toyotapainter: ya and they came a few other time to help out
toyotapainter: john came down for a week once
Jayson M: that would be tough
toyotapainter: mark helped a few times too
toyotapainter: are we thinking of the same john
Jayson M: noakes??
toyotapainter: same guy
toyotapainter: i like him he was good to us
Jayson M: yeah us too
Jayson M: took a tint course from him as well
toyotapainter: nice
toyotapainter: who needs to tint with when spraying sikkens
Jayson M: no kidding
toyotapainter: ill let ya know how the new job goesn
toyotapainter: goes
Jayson M: yes please do,and also how you like your new weapon
Jayson M: well talk to ya later,nice chatting with ya
MoCoke: heyy
Jayson M: Hi Mo!!!

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