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Charlie: This place is quiet as usual eh...dying a slow death?
Jayson M: I think so....
Charlie: Time for you to slap on the helmet cam and make some videos....gunman ;)
Charlie: maybe dance a jig or two like Jimmo :)
Jayson M: :D
Charlie: post up a shot of that Vette tho tomorrow
Jayson M: I would but I need a new phone,one pic and its dead haha
Charlie: wtf are ya using a flip still :)
Jayson M: yeah :P
Charlie: pics would suck :)
Jayson M: its a galaxy,just worn out
Charlie: well have fun with the white pearl tomorrow...I'm going to put some ice on the hinge...taker ez man
Jayson M: U2 cya
ryan999: You there jay
bondomerchant: howdy howdy
Jayson M: good morning
smooth: Sunday Fun day!
Charlie: Hump day! :)
Charlie: Happy Ground Hog day :)
BadSon23: Hey Jay... :P you still straight tapeing jambs. Sorry had to dig on Mr. Perfect Canadian. I see there is one thread about the 5000.Have you used them yet? No body's talking about them. My data Rep is Charlie the old Guy which I'm sure Ryan knows who I'm talking about. Anyway I have tried the hvlp.....I just ordered one. There trippy. Distance between 4 and 8 inches almost didn't matter. Kinda crazy. Was spraying a 2014 merc close and it sprayed flatter than factory buff job... :| well close anyway and at some where around 8 inches with I said trippy. I got a demo gun that actually says its a demo gun like the old ones....don't know if I will give it back to Charlie.... just wanted to know your input on the new trud :P getting a demo of the RP as well just not yet. Also getting for 600 flat tax included. Wanted to know your price. Peace man
BadSon23: Merc.....clk was the car. Damn spell check
BadSon23: Clear was 250 crap pack.
BadSon23: I just saw you(Jay)saying your getting it for 600 bucks a kit.I get 35% off and my kit price for all three components is not even close the crap pack is almost 1200 your getting 50%off. Man I hate keystone....all there reps suck and don't know their products(Sikkens). And know I'm getting screwed on discount. I will be calling Brad in the mourning. Not a threat that's a promise. Rant over sorry.
Jayson M: Hey Bad nice to hear from you,we will have to chat sometime.Are you on the crackbook?
jeremyb: Ya..keystone sucks :P
Jayson M: :P :P :P
BadSon23: Nice to hear from you to jay.Sorry about the crazy message.On 12/23 an a hole t-boned me in the drivers door while I was sitting at a stop light. Never even hit his breaks.He was doing 40 plus. O.O
BadSon23: So I have been on pain killers ,Valium,anti inflammatorys.So yes I'm on drugs.Happy to be alive though.concussion,2 broken ribs,and ripped back and neck muscles.And still never miss work or even late. :)
BadSon23: I'm not on Facebook anymore I can't stand I think last time we cheated I had 4 kids maybe a fifth on the I have 6. Can't believe it myself.Damn horney 40 year old women
BadSon23: girl was born on 12/4. Tell ya what I will send ya my phone number in a private message.wish also had some kind of forum on color manager then we could IM tech info or chat,discuss color formulas ect. II :D
BadSon23: But about the 5000. What do you think? I know you got your hands on one before had to? Also I went through
BadSon23: A training class with Ryan. He's really young. Did you know that? It was a while back. O.O
BadSon23: Where's junkyard boy. I see he got banned on autobody
Jayson M: Hi Jer
Charlie: For lightly used 4000 RP...I've squirted base for the last time with this thing...damn quarter turn fan knob... :|
Jayson M: (?)

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