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614Paintworx: I had never sprayed autowave until i was at a demo, Honestly I was way more impressed than i thought i would be, especially compared to Enviro
Jayson M: well thats good to hear
Jayson M: lots of guys just want the speed of cromax but forget about all the issues with it
Jayson M: I think everyone has to have a good product or they couldn't compete
614Paintworx: Lol Cromax is the easiest system to throw out. 1 coat of spray and pray it covers
Jayson M: I sprayed lots of glasso 54/22 line and diamont when I was starting out.worked very well
Jayson M: LOL
614Paintworx: Akzo is having a huge push for Lesonal down in the states, Damn i loved 22 line
614Paintworx: Do you guys see any Matrix or pro spray up there?
Jayson M: yes there is both up here
Jayson M: a huge shop had prospray for awhile.color match was so bad they had a rep there full time tinting and doing sprayouts
Jayson M: I think it was 21 line before they changed it,would be back in 89 or so
Jayson M: I don't mind matrix AG40,its a nice clear
614Paintworx: Wow, I have yet to see a prospray shop. I see allot of Matrix systems but they seem to last about 6 months and then switch back
Jayson M: yeah,my jobber tossed out matrix,the base is very chunky
Jayson M: he needed something for the backyard guys to use,now he is selling urki mix,some spanish stuff made by carsystem
614Paintworx: Ive heard allot of rumors that Kounts customs from that tv show actually sprays Akzo on most of their stuff
Jayson M: LOL I could see it,not sure how the hell you could spray matrix clears at 110F they are so fast
Jayson M: you end up with 2 coats of dry spray LOL
614Paintworx: Its funny though, when i was at sema I looked at all of those tv cars and unless it was a foose or other quality builder car they looked like shit
Jayson M: I believe ya
Jayson M: how did ass monkeys stuff look?
614Paintworx: Its like the old saying the camera adds 10 lbs, It adds 10 coats of clear on tv
Jayson M: lol
614Paintworx: Like a monkeys raw scratched up ass
Jayson M: :P :P :P
614Paintworx: I could see a bunch of 5000 scratches that were hardly buffed
Jayson M: did they have a little green 76 chevy shortbox there?
614Paintworx: Id have to look at my pictures, theres sooooo many cars i cant hadly remember
Jayson M: I don't doubt it
Jayson M: so lesonal is big in the states eh?
614Paintworx: theyre trying to make it big
Jayson M: IC
Jayson M: I think its a pretty good line
jeremyb: Firing on all cylinders with Sikkens. Sure did take a while to get it all settled. :|
Jayson M: good morning jack

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