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jimmo: I"m sure I'll crash another one lol. Couldn't get them to send me to SEMA unfortunately. I don't know if you've met Kirk Edwards before, I work closely with him up here. He's been with BASF a long time. Business is booming here, our shops are up quite a bit.
bondomerchant: all the shops around me are booked up with deer hits
614Paintworx: Good to hear. Ill be out at sema, supposed to be a big show for us this year.
bondomerchant: cant say ive ever seen it like this b4
614Paintworx: Hows business for you Bondo
bondomerchant: really good almost to good
614Paintworx: Glad to hear that
bondomerchant: we have been cranking thru the deer hits all summer
614Paintworx: Your painter coming along well with dbc?
bondomerchant: ya my son really likes it
bondomerchant: he dont know how good he has it
bondomerchant: i coulda stuck with martian manure just ta torture him like i did for 25 years
614Paintworx: Speaking of crashing the Chip Foose dinner Jimmo , Some how i ended up with all of the posters and table cloth in my hotel room
614Paintworx: Sticking with that would be like running a sweat shop
jimmo: That's not bad, He signed a few hats for my boss and I. I'm staring at them now stuffed under my desk lol
jimmo: I've only watched half an episode of overhaulin' before but I had to pretend like I was his biggest fan. He's a nice guy though.
jimmo: Some of the people coming up to him were pretty die-hard fans.
614Paintworx: yeah hes pretty down to earth. I did a Carizzma class with him at Whitehouse, dude is no joke
jimmo: He knows his stuff for sure. I was spraying out the custom foose colors today. Had a customer ask for an exciting blue for their customer. Going to play around with some of the waterborne candy tommorow too.
bondomerchant: these flys we had this summer have been a pain in the ass :S
bondomerchant: holy spambots!!! O.O
bondomerchant: nothing like wrapping stuff on a friday :D
bondomerchant: just got some new filters for the booth that will replace the cheap filters i bought last month :(
bondomerchant: cheap filters aint that good an good filters really aint that expensive :S
bondomerchant: got me a new set of hose clamp pliers :D
jimmo: Atta boy
Jayson M: morning Jack
bondomerchant: evening jay!!
Charlie: Good afternoon Jack! :P
bondomerchant: just got back from getting some firewood watching the dallas giants game waiting for sunday chicken dinner :D
bondomerchant: is it me or did the site change again O.O
jimmo: Minor things maybe, but the spams been pretty low :|
bondomerchant: todays the day im taking my wife in for her eye hopefully all goes well an exceeds our expectations
jeremyb: 8) 8) 8) 8)
bondomerchant: things seemed ta have been good so far
Charlie: Good stuff Jack...

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