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cdykstra81: So jayson on primed bumpers you put base right on top?
Jayson M: no sealer
Jayson M: depends on aftermarket junk tho ;)
Jayson M: I mean yes I use sealer (?)
cdykstra81: Ok I seal every plastic bumper or plastic part with that 870 than I know what's under my product
Jayson M: is it sealer or ad pro?
Jayson M: on bare palstic I will use adhession promoter(sikkens po) then seal over that
Jayson M: primed oem bumpers get sealer also but no adpro
cdykstra81: It's a adhesion pro but acts like a sealer too so you can skip a step
cdykstra81: It's something that's always worked for me
Jayson M: ok so its not transparent?
Jayson M: might have to look into it
Jayson M: our adpro is like water
Jayson M: sikkens used to have an all plastic primer additive you could put into the sealer and it worked on anything.sadly we lost it cuz of voc laws
Jayson M: did you get a new gun to try?
cdykstra81: No light grey
cdykstra81: the tds mix ratio say 411 but I mix 412 so it lays out a little better
cdykstra81: Yes tried 5000 rp but only for a couple of days nice gun laid the clear down nice
cdykstra81: jay where do you get you supplies from?
cdykstra81: i can get you the number for the rep at Carlsons autobody supplies if you have questions about RM 870
cdykstra81: RM does have a transparent adhesion pro but that why they came out with 870 so you can skip a step spray it wait your 15 min flash than Paint
cdykstra81: so using that all in one I save 15 min per job and that ads up when your a production shop
Jayson M: sounds awesome
Jayson M: we used to have a guy from carlsons call on us but not anymore
Jayson M: we get our stuff local and some from mda coauto
cdykstra81: Where's your shop again?
Jayson M: lethbridge
cdykstra81: Jayson Hows it going
Jayson M: good how are you?
Jayson M: whats new?
Jayson M: hi cdy
Charlie: ah I love the smell of orange peel in the morning...smells like AG40LV :)
Jayson M: sweet (?) (?) (?)
cdykstra81: I keep missing you all on here
Jayson M: morning
Jayson M: ya there cdy???

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