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jimmo: I've only watched half an episode of overhaulin' before but I had to pretend like I was his biggest fan. He's a nice guy though.
jimmo: Some of the people coming up to him were pretty die-hard fans.
614Paintworx: yeah hes pretty down to earth. I did a Carizzma class with him at Whitehouse, dude is no joke
jimmo: He knows his stuff for sure. I was spraying out the custom foose colors today. Had a customer ask for an exciting blue for their customer. Going to play around with some of the waterborne candy tommorow too.
bondomerchant: these flys we had this summer have been a pain in the ass :S
bondomerchant: holy spambots!!! O.O
bondomerchant: nothing like wrapping stuff on a friday :D
bondomerchant: just got some new filters for the booth that will replace the cheap filters i bought last month :(
bondomerchant: cheap filters aint that good an good filters really aint that expensive :S
bondomerchant: got me a new set of hose clamp pliers :D
jimmo: Atta boy
Jayson M: morning Jack
bondomerchant: evening jay!!
Charlie: Good afternoon Jack! :P
bondomerchant: just got back from getting some firewood watching the dallas giants game waiting for sunday chicken dinner :D
bondomerchant: is it me or did the site change again O.O
jimmo: Minor things maybe, but the spams been pretty low :|
bondomerchant: todays the day im taking my wife in for her eye hopefully all goes well an exceeds our expectations
jeremyb: 8) 8) 8) 8)
bondomerchant: things seemed ta have been good so far
Charlie: Good stuff Jack...
cdykstra81: Hello
cdykstra81: hello
cdykstra81: Any RM users out there?
manchu30r: @ cdykstra81 what RM products are you using?
cdykstra81: Onyx low voc solvent
manchu30r: i have been using it for about 2 1/2 years now. how do you like it? i haven't had any problems other than some colors being transparent.
manchu30r: i tried the clears at first but didn't like them and have moved onto others.
cdykstra81: The only problems I am having is color matches,any code with HB203 in it but recently I used DB403 instead and the color matches are better.
cdykstra81: i use the DC5800 clear I like it the best and DC5995 for completes
manchu30r: I am in Sacramento, CA so I've only used the 5800 and 98 clears. our shop is small so drying times are not an issue and it seemed like the 5800 wanted to die back. maybe it was just that It was new to me.
cdykstra81: Yes it production clear
Jayson M: hi guys
cdykstra81: Hello
Jayson M: are you a basf user?
cdykstra81: Yes you

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